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Electronics & Gaming Accessories

Amazon Storefront (has everything below in nice little lists!):

Switch Skins (Discount Code: KENNEDY)

My Cozy Twitch Overlays & Scenes

Geekshare Snap On Case

Geekshare Animal Thumbgrips

Geekshare Paw Thumbgrips

Geekshare Fruit Thumbgrips

Switch Glass Protector

Switch Lite Glass Protector

Switch Memory SD Card

Switch Charging Stand

Cute Wooden Controller Stand

Gaming Tower – controller, headset, and physical game organizer

Switch Car Charger

iPad Case (Green)

iPad Pencil (not Apple)

iPad Screen Protector

Jabra Wireless Earbuds

Hamster Mouse

Mac Charger Cable Manager

Nintendo Switch (Animal Crossing)

Nintendo Switch (Grey)

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey)


OpenPattern Jewelry – Etsy Shop

Galactic Exchange Scrunchies – Etsy Shop

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses + Magnification

Blue Light Glasses (from Let’s Play videos)

Animal Crossing Backpack

Animal Crossing Tote

Green Junimo Plush

Blue Junimo Plush

Kirby Drawstring Bag


Fluffy Brown Slippers

Black Yoga Pants

Black Sweats

Velvet Sweats

Oversized Blanket Hoodie

Gold Hoops

PLT Joggers

PLT Joggers Style 2

PLT Joggers Style 3

Threads & Thistle Gaming Sweatshirts – Etsy Shop (Code: COZYGAMER10)


The Soy Panda Candles

Cosori Gooseneck Kettle

Cat Window Sill Perch

Plant Mister

Totoro Mug

Spirited Away Mug

Banana Cat Bed

Decorative Wooden Balls

Boba Straws

Bath Tray

Diffuser (Cheaper)

Diffuser (Bougie One)

Foot Spa

Cord Cover

Back Massager

Heated Throw

Fur Throw

Candle Tools

Ceramic Drip Mug

Capri Blue Volcano Diffuser Oil

Tamagotchi Mug

Stardew Tea Mug

Stardew Coffee Mug

Stardew Map Blanket

Hanging Light

Decorative Bowl

Casaluna Linen Bedding

Ceramic Candlestick

Live Edge Coffee Table 

Ceramic Side Table (similar to mine, they don’t carry it anymore)


My Living Room Floor Lamp (got it from FB Marketplace, so did not pay this much lol)


Decaf French Vanilla

Decaf Vanilla Comoro

Vanilla Chai

Vanilla Almond

Sleepytime Vanilla

Honey Vanilla Chamomile

Pure Red Rooibos

Decaf Rooibos Chai

Celestial Rooibos

Herbal Peach Passion

Fun Stuff

Hello Kitty Tamagtochi

Gudetama Tamagotchi

Classic Tamagotchi

FTC: Amazon links are affiliate links, which means Amazon gives me a small (very small lol) commission for providing the link. It does not mean that I’m partnered in any way with the seller – all items are hand picked by me as either items I’ve bought before or I’ve researched myself.

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